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eleiwai3's GM Application :) :lol!:

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eleiwai3's GM Application :) :lol!: Empty eleiwai3's GM Application :) :lol!:

Post by eleiwai3 on Mon Nov 29, 2010 12:43 am


Xat Name:

Philippines,Ozamiz City

Flyff Experience as a player:
I've been playing FlyFF for 3 years. I already played in FameFlyff, PH Flyff and a lot of other servers and I already have been Lord here in FFC twice. In FameFlyff i sold my Blade 103-M and I still have my RM lv 100 and I know a lot of things about Flyff, like questies, bonus itens... When I was Lord here FFC I was trying to help the server watching the people who was using cheat programs and this kind of stuff, so I think I would be so helpful, making the server better and better every day that passes.

Flyff Experience as a GM:
I've been GM once in one private server, it was Version 13.

Hours online per day:
Around 5 hours and in weekends is around 12 hours.

Personal information:
I'm 16 years old, I play basketball, I like to listen music, I love FlyFF, I already lived 1 year in USA in one exchange program, I already lived with my gradmother for 2 and a half years and now I live with my parents again, I like pizza, I like to hang out with my friends and my family (this is the reason of my life), I hate being sick, I hate bullying, I'm not racist, I play basketball and Badminton, I like to go to beach and I think this is it.

Thanks for reading it, and good luck for me XD


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