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GM application

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GM application Empty GM application

Post by inlist214 on Sat Nov 20, 2010 10:53 am

hi im louis rainier...
im applying for:
-event GM
-Xat Moderator


Q1: What's your complete name?
-Louis Rainier Delos Reyes Cerna

Q2: Where you from?
-Butuan City, Phillipines

Q3: How old are you?
-im 20 years old

Q4: What languages you can speak?
-English, Tagalog and Cebuano

Q4: How many hours you usually be online?
-6 to 23 hrs i guess if theres no school.. i can be online most of the time in tuesday, wednesday and friday

JOB Question:
-You're applying to be a Event Gm and Xat Moderator..can u say something what can you do to be one?

Event GM:
- i can only think of some common events as of know. but if given a change i'll think for more fun and exciting events in the later game.

-some common events i have known
--Bring me items or hunt me mobs..
--Race walking/ running and flying race
----last man standing event...

-Xat Moderator

-well in Xat moderator. i loved to help and give guide lines to those new in this server on how to connect in the game..and to control some of talking trash bout the server and promoting other server aside from Celestial.

Second question..WHat can you do to help improve Celestial
- i can help promoting the server and give good name on it. i can help on making it more fun and enjoyable so others will be loved to join the game.

-Have you been a GM from other server?
--No..i have never been a GM in other server in flyff but i tried to be a Gm in other game like WOW..for 2 months onl

Personal Question:

About myself:

im Louis you can call me king if you want..

i love to draw and paint..im making profit from it..using it for my studies..

ive been playing flyff since the official OB of flyff ph and stop for 4 years due to studying..

i've studied computer engineering for 4 years in san carlos university...and proceed BSBA financial Management in FSUU..currently studying now

now i'm almost finish my studies and almost graduate in financial managing...i'm back from playing flyff..

my ign: infetus

if you want to know more about me..u can mail me at : shadowfirm@yahoo.com


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GM application Empty Re: GM application

Post by Kakashi Hatake on Sat Nov 20, 2010 4:36 pm

Nice Application......

GM application Kakash14

Sincerly Yours

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Kakashi Hatake
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