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Gm Aplication from BloodDragon

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Gm Aplication from BloodDragon Empty Gm Aplication from BloodDragon

Post by BloodDragon on Wed Nov 10, 2010 6:35 am

1.Why I write to you?
Here I wanted to send a GM request to you.

2.Flyff experience.
I have 3 years played on Official and after some time it has made no more fun, then came the decision to seek a P-server . Iwas a GM for 3 month on FlyForSurley but its down.

3.Over Me.
Hello my name is Tobias 18 years old I live in Colone
My hobbies are: football, Flyff, PS3, friends meeting

4.Why I?
Because I like to entertain myself with other people and love each other solve problems and make sure the other people on the server or no stress at issue there.

5.What does the job as a Game Master:
The Game Master will I find the server after ausenhin represented and his players a respect for the person. A GM should still be in play as well in the forum actively involved transparent.

6.Online times:
7 hours on a day

Here I want when you want it also, and the admins also, to help the team Celestial.
Please write in with a forum or PM.


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Gm Aplication from BloodDragon Empty Re: Gm Aplication from BloodDragon

Post by SlowMurderer on Sun Nov 14, 2010 1:13 pm

Hmmmm. I'll Think About It. ^_^

Gm Aplication from BloodDragon Celest11
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