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Andy GM Application

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Andy GM Application Empty Andy GM Application

Post by Andy. on Thu Oct 21, 2010 5:58 pm

Hello, My Name is Andy and im Here to make my Application for Being GM on Celestial Flyff
My Apply can be done for:
- Event GM.
- Helper GM.
- Head GM.
Ok, Lets start it...

General Questions:
Question #1- Complete Name?
- Andre Cazella Ferreira
Question #2- Where ur From?
- Sao Paulo, Brazil
Question #3- How old Are you?
- Im 15 Years Old
Question #4- What Languages ur fluent in?
- English and Portuguese - BR + a bit of Spanish.
Question #5- In general, how many time ur usually online?
- Like 9 or 10 hours every day
Question #6- What's ur GMT?
- GMT-3 [Amazon Standard Time]

Thank You, Lets Proceed to Job Questions.
Job Questions.
Question #1- What Can u do For Celestial?
- Im a very determinated person, everytime i work for something i do my best to get it to the best.
Its been like that in all Servers i worked for, in my own limitations i worked hard to improve the Players pleasure for being in such server.
As being a Event GM, i have such good ideas for events and Event systems.
As Head GM i can preety make control and secure that Other GM's are making a God Job in benefit of the server, and work with my team to increase players and obviously, The fun.

Question #2- As Event GM, what ideas u have?
I have some Event Ideas that i implemented in other server and were succesfully done and approved.
I'll Show some of them to You.

Event ideas:
#1- Asal & Hop Competition: Higher Damage wins, preety simple.

#2- Kill The GM event: GM will use normal itens to they can duel the players and see if someone can kill them who kills the GM wins.

#3- Quest General: I'll make up real flyff quests for people bring me stuff, but not only quest itens, but also food and weaps that drop from such monsters.

#4- Kill The Giant event : 2 Giants will be spawned to each Char and they'll have to kill it in a period of time who kill faster or kills in the right Time wins.

#5- Fashions CS set Contest - GMs will avaliate who have the most beautiful CS set on server that is online and up for the event.

#6- Video Contests: Players will make videos about Legacy and post on the Video section to GM's avaliation. The best video wins. The event goes on for 1 week.

#7- SFX contests: Players will have to make new weapons, sets, fashions sets and Shields desings. The best of any categories win. Event goes on for undetermined Time.

#8- Race for HERO : Players will have to make new chars and make them HERO. Who ever gets it first wins a special prize!

#9- Celestial Rainbow Race: This event needs 2 GM's one will go to a destination and announce the Start. The other GM will go with the Competitors to be sure no one use Blinkwing or Cheat Engine.

Question #3: Andy, Have u ever been GM in other server?
- Yes, I've been GM on 15 servers, where i could promove a better experience for players and a joyfull experience for everyone, helping the Moderators and Owners with important server stuff, and developing methods...
Here's a List of Them:
#1. uFlyff.
#2. HardFlyff.
#3. TriumphFlyff.
#4. FlyForFear.
#5. DarkFusionFlyff.
#6. Spectre Flyff.
#7. Dear Flyff.
#8. FlyForNothing.
#9. FlyForKing.
#10. FlyForGenX.
#11. FlyForFaith.
#12. NinjaFlyff
#13. FlyForProud
#14. EscoFlyff
#15. Vampire Flyff

Personal Questions.
Question #1- Could u show a Picture of urself to us?
- Sure.
Andy GM Application IMG0063A
Question #2- Tell us a Bit About urself...
- Im a 15 years old normal kid, who goes to school by 7am...
My School friends are crazy, that's why maybe that i love them Laughing
Im on First Grade of High School, things are a bit different in Brazillian High School, we see movies who show the USA High Schools like Jungles with ppl almost killing themselves, like in American Pie.
I come back from school at 1pm and stay home or go out with friends for a while.
When im Home i turn on computer and Play flyff while singing or playing sumthign, or just listening to music.
Well, That's what i can tell you guys. Im trustable, friendable, annoying Very Happy but a very nice partner for all time.


Hope everyone Readed. Plz Comment or Rate Bellow, Thank You.

Andy, Always at ur command.

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Andy GM Application Empty Re: Andy GM Application

Post by Kakashi Hatake on Sun Nov 07, 2010 12:41 am

add 10 players and u are accepted.

Andy GM Application Kakash14

Sincerly Yours

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